Orange Beef with Broccoli Recipe


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  1. Maybe someday I'll do live video when my resources are better. As far as the chicken soup goes I usually do a cheater version with gluten free chicken stock or broth then I add cooked diced chicken breast, chopped celery and carrots. I'll try to do a more homemade version later in the season. One of the first videos I ever did on youtube was called "Making Gluten Free Pasta From Scratch" In that video I dumped the homemade pasta (noodles) into my cheater version of chicken soup.

  2. Oh heck I can go into some places and get razzed so bad from people that know me -I should put all of them on youtube we have a 6am coffee crowd at all the restaurants you sit anywhere you want with anyone you want yell accross the restaurant – Good times even at the lakes most towns are like this in Alberta Can .

  3. You always say the nicest things. I wouldn't want to cook just for myself either. It's just too much work and then you might have to cook a second dinner for your husband. It's probably much healthier that he stays away from the red meat. I think good health leads to more happiness in the overall picture.

  4. It looks great Anne! All your beef and pork dishes make me want to cook them, but to tell you the truth, I don't like cooking just for me, and my husband doesn't eat red meat, but whenever I see you cook red meat, I'm just dying to give the dish a try! every dish always looks terrific and this one is one of my favorites!

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