Opera Cake Recipe – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL


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  1. This channel was a discovery! Great work, Bruno! And now I can see a lot of work ahead of me, making your recipes. Thank you! Also, I know you're being careful, but your accent is irrelevant. All you say sounds crystal clear to me, and I'm Brazilian. That said, thanks again for the extra effort.

  2. bruno my dear bruno your videos and recipes could not get any better you are the best you are very precise to the ml and gosh you give measurements of everything even the baking sheets your instructions make any complicated recipe hard to fail. iam back watching your videos i was on a strict diet and your recipes are sooo tempting baby lol..i will give this a try iam sure it will be a success. you should have millions of subscribers 🙂 meanwhile million likes and kisses from me 😉

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