Onion Wings Chicken recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. That looks great but could I use the same recipe on something like legs or thighs & put them into the oven? I've got to get a new grill but I'd love to try it! Thanks for a lot of goooood recipes!! Love from WVa!

  2. I tried this using the exact amount of ingredients in this video and my mix came out smelling like sour onion beer. It didnt go away when i cooked them. I dont know what went wrong but they were nasty.

  3. i've always found this channel really admirable. i don't know how many guys are involved in the process of making these videos and recipes, but if it's just these two guys it's really incredible. i like visiting this channel from time to time, not necessarily to get my BBQ on, but simply to enjoy the various recipes they come up with and the way they go about explaining the food preparation process.

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