Onion, Tomato, & Egg Breakfast Scramble | Healthy Recipes


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  1. Sorry but an absolutely atrocious attempt at scrambled eggs. The walk of atonement for you chef. There's more left stuck in the pan after you've plated up? Chefs everywhere would be turning in their kitchen at this. Might I suggest non stick pans in future being as you're a YouTube chef and broadcasting to the world.

  2. Book with healthy recipes – check this book out
    Great cook books; you should add "The Goodness of Ghee" book by Author
    C.S. Bates.  This is not a complete cook book but a book that has awesome recipes on how to cook with ghee which is sometimes called the BETTER butter.
    Check book out at Amazon.com  Cooking with ghee can also help to lower blood pressure.

  3. um…I have a question.
    Why most people always go for 1 whole egg with few egg whites. Why not they not go for 2 / 3 whole eggs(Still have rich protein)???Because the cholesterol?? I think throwing those yolks away is a waste 🙁

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