One-Pot Vegetarian Meals


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  1. people say that eating vegetarian can help you lose weight help you keep your weight down but quite frankly I think that is so many fattening things you're eating and so high in carbs unless you're naturally thin and don't have to worry about your weight it looks like to me a serving of that or a little more than a serving can be quite fattening to a person who's not used to in taking all that card am I wrong?

  2. Eggs are vegetarian, people. Most eggs you get in the store are not fertilized eggs. A hen can lay an egg without a male impregnating her, so you're not eating a chick. But…whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  3. I will soon start to make a series on my channel about eating vegetarian at fast food places and advice for the first few weeks. so sorry to promote myself on this video but subscribe to get on that. lots of love and thank you

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