One Pot Vegetarian Meal | Vegan Rice Recipe | Plant Based Diet | How to make Vegetable Rice


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  1. Something's not quite right. Followed the recipe exactly and the end result is-the rice tasted like sourish tamarind rice. The sequencing of the sauting, stewing the vegetables and cooking the rice did not seem right. Anyway my one-pot contents have been assigned to the dustbin. My conclusion recipe not replicable.

  2. I don’t understand why stewing vegetables in a pan for so long ?!

    After all, rice is cooked longer than vegetables, and we add it after the vegetables have already been cooked a little. And cook the vegetables for another whole 20 minutes. They will digest ?!

    Maybe it’s more logical to add rice first, and then vegetables, or even cook rice separately ?!

  3. 1. Fry onions, when brown add garlic
    2. Add vegetables, fry on high heat for 5min
    3. Add tomato puree and spices, another 5min
    4. Add rice, salt, water, cook on low with lid 20min
    5. Add juice of half a lemon, cilantro if wanted, done 🙂

    Of course this is very simplified, potatoes need more time as other vegetables while frozen might need less as she shows in the video. Also so many options with spices. As this recipe is highly adjustable though I prefer a short recipe over the need to watch the whole video again when I want to cook it.

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