One-Pot Sweet Potato Chili (Vegetarian Recipe)


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  1. Hi WE MISS YOU.. YOU HAD JUST COME BACK… NOW YOUR GONE AGAIN.. I know these are hard times now with a baby too.. Come back soon if you can!! We will always be here waiting..

  2. I am cooking this recipe tomorrow for Lunch but, I am adding meat. would I cook it separately or could I still use only on pot to cook it in if so at what point would I add it in.

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely videos. All the cooking videos around are so trendy and expensive. It's refreshing to see cooking videos for recipes that are frugal and easy to make. It makes me feel normal!! Also, I saw your recent video about your struggles in life at the moment and I wanted to especially thank you for taking the time to make these sweet videos despite the pain you're feeling in your heart. Sadness is temporary and I hope things get better for you soon. Sending love and care from Australia.

  4. Love your recipes. Please do one for us (we're a family of four who are big fans!) We make this in the crockpot and its 'chicken florentine lasagna' very much comfort and deliciousness not to mention a healthy dose o chopped spinach. Very simple recipe (Adam should like it if he enjoys alfredo sauce) and your already so welcoming/feel good in your kitchen.

  5. My brother has a dachshund that developed Cushing’s disease and caused him to become food obsessed. He also was obsessed with drinking. Gained lots of weight and had to put him on a special diet.

  6. That two tablespoons of chilli- is that hot chilli? I’m not from the US! If it is hot chilli you all have a great chilli tolerance 😬. I’d sprinkle cheese on the finished meal and add a dollop of sour cream with the chips. Wondering if you’d get the same results if you cooked it in your instant pot? Great comfort good, thanks Erin.

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