One Pot Slow Cooked Chicken Dinner | One Pot Chef


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  1. Could anyone help me out? I use a 2 quart personal crock pot. When i do this, my problem is that the chicken comes out waterlogged. And the steam creates water as well so before i know it the chicken is swimming in liquid. So i stopped using marinades and whatnot. But the chicken comes out too dry without a marinade.

  2. Such a good video! I've subscribed a while ago, but haven't tried any recipes yet, will try soon..
    I have a question though: I'm getting a Thermos Shuttle Chef as a present and wonder how this recipe would work for it. Should I add some water and boil it first or this oil mixture would be enough to bring it to boil and then leave in the Thermos for several hours? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!

  3. After watching this, I went out to get a slow cooker.I purchased the fiberware 6 quart with 3 settings, Warm, low and high.
    I prepared the ingredients last night and when we left this morning at 7am I set it on low. After work, we went shopping and totally forgot about the chicken dinner. We arrived back home at 6pm and it tasted and looked horrible. My bad, its not one of those set it and forget it cookers, lol. The carrots looked dark and the chicken was dry even when there was plenty of juice at the bottom but it just tasted bland. I overcooked it but 11 hours on low is bit long.
    I was thinking that the cooker would shut off after 8 hours on low, but it was still on. Any suggestions on a better slow cooker option in case of my idoiocy? lol. btw, great video!!

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