One Pot Pasta – FULL DINNER (Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes)


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  1. Once again you are the sane voice of veganism 🙂 Totally agree, salt and oil arn't the bad guys and in moderation make us healthier. Too many people rate the HCLF lifestyle and promote it as the pinnacle of veganism. Keep up the great work bruh!! 😀

  2. Add piece of salmon and it is perfect!!! I miss proteins there. You really NEED them for regeneration, immune system etc…!!! Maybe some boiled eggs? Can vegans eat eggs?

  3. Looks great. Not a vegan, but we will probably make this soon. Already make the salad like you guys do but my wife puts a small amount of syrup and brown sugar on the walnuts and bakes them. Delicious.

  4. The funny thing is that this dinner is normal everyday dinner in the Netherlands (and I think also the rest of Europe but I'm not sure). I can understand that's it's special for Americans because it's different than fast food 😉.

  5. Kill yourself slowly with Lectins, acrylic compounds… the wrong cooking oils, package broth, pasta (wheat) … Great way to live as a vegan. You still have to learn a lot

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