One Pot Chicken Pasta Recipe | Pasta Recipes | Italian Recipes | Quick Pasta Recipe by Varun Inamdar


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  1. Hi. I have recently started following you guys and the recipes are amazing. Can you please upload a video of ''BARBECUE GRILLED CHICKEN.' Anything made with barbecue sauce tastes super amazing!

  2. @varun inamdar ua recipes are simple n easy to cook not nly tt it tastes far more better thn the complicated recipes i love all ua recipes n tries all of em really lookin forward to see more n try more 😊😍

  3. i still cant imagine why one-pot recipes are such a rage in the west as if its some new invention or something. surely they arent acquainted with Indian recipes. i guess most of ours are one pot dishes, aren't they?
    love u varun for this wonderful dish. most of the western online chefs make totally tasteless one-pot pastas. their's look delicious n colorful but not as infused as yours. they dont let the flavours to combine. its one pot that means u can stir fry the veggies atleast. y just dump all the ingredients together with cold oil n boil them to make a mash?
    ur's is a lot better idea.

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