One Pan Mexican Skillet | Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipe


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  1. Looks yummy! Vegans can also use crumbled tofu or finely diced mushrooms in place of the meat. Those are my favorite vegan swaps for ground meat since the meat replacements can be hard on your stomach and don't always have great macros.

  2. Hi Dani, I started following you approx 6-8mths ago and you have inspired me to start cooking again. I love that you offer so many variations and that you encourage us to try different things and do whatever speaks to our individual tastes. I tried this Mexican Skillet tonight with a few changes. My husband does not care for [riced] cauliflower used in recipes so I left it out (this time) and used black beans, which we love. We ate them on wraps (mine was spinach), adding the cheese and avocado as the last step. Oh my goodness, yummy!!! Thanks so much and keep up the quick and easy dinner ideas. Any chance you could make asian inspired dinners?

  3. LOVING your weeknight dinner recipes! So colourful and tasty. The best part is 9/10 times, I already have the ingredients on hand. Keep 'em coming! ❤👍

  4. So happy I found your channel! Loving these low carb easy meals! I’m working on changing my diet and was trying to figure out how to get in more veggies to my diet without being bland. Your recipes are helping me with staying on track to eat healthy but not feeling deprived of yummy food!

  5. This was a hit! First time using riced cauliflower – and nobody knew! We'll keep it our little secret for a few more times before I reveal that detail. 🙂 I added a finely chopped jalapeno for a little heat, plus the lime juice and cilantro that always go with jalapeno. Everyone loved it. I'll make it again soon – YUM!

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