ONE PAN Honey & Garlic Chicken Dinner!


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  1. "3 cloves of garlic,you have to be heavy with a garlic"
    As a Hungarian i can say we do not use less than 5 for any kind of food and the heavy starts around 15 😀 But nice recepie 🙂

  2. Love it. Since I'm vegetarian, i replaced the chicken with tofu and added a bit of mushroom. But still tasted just as delicious. Loved the sauce. Will try with soy leg pieces next time! 😁

  3. Hye there! The recipe is quite simple and I think I want to make it but I want to replace the chicken with beef. If I do so, is the portion is still the same or I need to add the seasonings a lil bit more?

  4. I made it just now and it’s great! The flavors really work well together and the vegetables are nice and crunchy. The meal was overall light yet filling. Definitely going to make again! Thank you Donal for a simple and healthy dinner recipe 🙂

  5. Hi Donal, Firstly are those chicken thighs bone in or out? I've checked the recipe but it doesn't say and it's hard to tell in the video. And also is Apple cider vinegar the same as the cider vinegar we get here in the UK ? . Thanks x

  6. Yummy! Just idea, adding thin slice of ginger and put half green onion earlier would works more flavor and stirred along with garlic. I do agree browning the chicken a bit sounds fantastic. Sometimes I do similar dish in chinese-style.

  7. Love the recipe, made it and it tasted delicious! However in the written recipe you left out the bit about adding the splash of water and covering with a lid for the final cooking time. Please add that in because if I hadn't watched the video first I don't think it would have turned out right

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