OMURICE ONIGIRAZU (Japanese Rice Sandwich Recipe)


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  1. What fun! That's a great idea for onigirazu! They also look so festive. As for the next video, I think it would be fun to see both recipes…I always seem to feel that way…but I am most interested in seeing the yakiniku recipe. Thanks for the great video! 🙂

  2. The way you placed the camera directly above the food as you were explaining how to shape it and wrap it was VERY helpful for me! Thank you for this simple to prepare recipe.
    I cannot decide between the beef and the dessert onigirazu. The beef onigirazu would be more practical for lunch, but I'm very curious about a dessert version! I hope you make both 😁

  3. 急な思い付きで何ですが・・・パスタでおにぎらずってどうでしょうか?スパゲッティーを茹でてオリーブオイルで麺がくっつかない様まぶして・・・。麺を思い切って包丁で切り刻んじゃってw でトマト系の挽肉たっぷりのトマトソース(水っぽくないドロドロ濃厚な)にそのパスタを混ぜて、薄く焼いた「薄焼き卵」(錦糸卵を切り刻んむ前のシート状みたいな?)で包んで「洋風おにぎらず」ってどうでしょうか?ピーマンやパプリカ、ベーコン、グリーンピース、ベーコンなんかを刻んで色合いに混ぜたらカラフルな「鬼パスタぎらず」が作れませんかね?w是 非試作ってほしいです(*‘ω‘ *) 自分的には挽肉たっぷりがいいなw

  4. Omurice onigirazu! I loved all of your past onigirazu recipes (many I use in my lunch for work, yay!) but this on I love, love, LOVE! I love omurice and I make it all the time. Its one of those recipes that you can make anytime because you always have all the ingredients at home, LOL. I can't wait to add this to my lunch rotation, so thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

    You know I love any recipe you guys make, but I would love to see a dessert onigirazu!

    Thanks and love you guys!

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