Old Fashioned Chicken and Gravy Recipe: How to make | I Heart Recipes


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  1. Hello Rosie, I couldn't wait for your reply so I worked with what I had. My bake Chicken came out wonderful. So, I would like to say thank you so much. Will be making more of your recipes. I think the Baked Zitti.

  2. Hello I want to make this tonight but have a few problems help please what can I use instead of poultry seasoning and is it OK to use self rising flour for the gravy used my apf on homemade chocolate chip cookies last night or can I make a slurry

  3. Well, this is my first time making gravy. I am a GREAT COOK. I even COACH my mother-in-law in the kitchen. Tonight, it will be chicken with gravy, leaf spinash & mash potatoes.

  4. you should show your face, would be the program more dinamica, and your voice is so sweet and sweet, your husband must be a really lucky men because he can eat your food everyday!!, greeting from DR

  5. I have watched at least four of theses today looking for a new way to cook my thighs and I like this one the most. simple, things we already have on hand & quick! preparing this one tonight!

  6. omgggggg I made this for my guy friend along with your lima beans recipe and he loved it! I'm new to cooking and that really boost my confidence. Thank you so much for sharing. FYI guys- I followed both recipes to the T except I couldn't find any smoked paprika so I used regular. Again, thanks! !

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