Old Bay Chicken Wings – Maryland Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. The recipe is good but the way that naked chicken popped all over my kitchen was so disrespectful I can never do this on the pan again LOL…I'll drizzle the sauce over some oven baked wings 🙂

  2. Great idea!  Yeah, I thought about beer and here's a weird one…pickle juice.  One of my first jobs was at Bo Brooks.  As afar as I know they still steam their crabs in pickle juice and beer, and definitely Old Bay.  Sounds crazy but those were/are some amazing crabs!  Hey, if you're on Facebook please join my group page, Hobo Chef, share your vids/recipes!

  3. Yes the #2 blend is very course it is used for steamed crabs. The #1 blend is an all purpose seasoning and, less course. I would recommend the reduced salt version. By the way I would not admit that I got crabs from "Gays". L.O.L.

  4. Yum, Looks good. Most crab houses here in Maryland use Jo Spice Company seafood seasoning,instead of old bay. They make two types one is for steamed crabs and, the other one can be used like Old Bay. You should give it a try. I am sure you would like it.

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