Okra With Beef Stir Fry:  Traditional Chinese Recipe


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  1. for okra try the ultimate Way , freshly roasted salt and pepper and a Twist of lime with garlic toasted butter bread , then enjoy the proud fun soothing health of okra . 👍 l love it 💜 the ultimate pleasure food of vegetarians .

  2. You can use any cut of beef for stirfry. Generally I use the cheaper cuts of beef, such as chuck, blade or bottom round. Just marinade overnight in cooking oil. Cut the meat into bite size pieces. I add a little soy sauce and salt. Add chopped garlic and ginger in the marinade if you like. If you like lean beef, use flank. Sometimes I like stir fry steak, so I use a better cut of meat like top sirloin. Thanks for your question and thanks for checking out my video.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I don't have a craving for it. Sometimes good for a change of variety. Maybe it might be better to combine it with other vegetables. Thanks for checking out my video.

  4. You're right about that- home cooking does use less oil. On my recent trip to China, I ate at some restaurants that use soup stock instead of oil to cook the vegetables. One restaurant served a bitter melon dish served with corn soup broth.

    Usually the bitter melon is chopped into small pieces, but this restaurant sliced it very thin in sheets. At first I thought it was lettuce. I'll try and post that dish up soon.

    Thanks for your compliments and for checking out this video.

  5. NIce you show what Chinese home cooking is like. So much more nutritious than restaurant Chinese food. Both are delicious but home cooking has less oil.

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