Nutrition – Guide To a Healthy Diet – With 2 SUPER HEALTHY RECIPES


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  1. actually modern scientific studies show that the only sort of carb that is unhealthy in abundance is processed sugar things like white flour aren't that unhealthy and the worst things for our body are too many animal fats and hardend plant oils
    actually coconut oil is not that healthy there never was scientific evidence to prove that it's just that people hyped it as "superfood"…
    haha the food looks very tasty btw

  2. Loved it!! I missed my last scheduling with my nutricionist and ended up that a fill questions that i had are now answered!
    I never thought about eating only food/fruits that are in season, normally I run after my favourite fruits independet of the time of the year and, yes, It's not the same flavour or quality and I didn't know why before!
    Thanks you a lot!!

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