Nonna's Italian Green Beans Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 791


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  1. In a few videos, I've noticed your grandmother has a pan with water, lemon and a few other ingredients on the stove, what is that? looks very interested, is it to bring fragrance to her house?

  2. I cant find the recipe on your website. It maybe used to be there. This recipe was the one that got me to subscribe a long time ago and I wanted to make it once more, but can't find the proportions

  3. Thanks for sharing with us such a great video and recipe. As an Italian descent who's learning Italian it was, of course, extra special. I watched the video with my mother and we're cooking both the green-beans and the tuna-cucumber pasta ASAP. 

    Ps. Regards to your lovely nonna.

  4. I love your videos and your nonna!, she reminds me to mine! In my family we cook a very similar recipe, but with onions too. I understand why she doesn't want to pay for parsley: here in Spain we don't pay for it either! When you buy your veggies at the market, fish shop or grocery store, you just ask for it. They alwys have it fresh at the counter and you get a big bunch!

  5. This was SO lovely and perfect with any grilled meat! My mom and I are currently harvesting tons and tons of green beens (and quite a bit of fresh tomatoes) from my parents' garden and we were running our of ideas and recipes. I think this will become a staple at their and my house! 🙂

  6. I can't find this recipe on your website! I really want to make this. Would love some rice with herbs recipes, middle east recipes. Love your show Laura. I sometimes watch your show just because it makes me feel happy 🙂

  7. Dear Nonna and Laura, Thank you for such lovely recipes. I made this dish today and it was so simple, fresh and delicious. We would love to see many more dishes from Nonna… and I esp love her screen presence and charm. Lots of best wishes from New Zealand

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