NONNA’S CHIACCHIERE RECIPE | How to Make Italian Fried Cookies | CROSTOLI


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  1. We just call them bowties lol
    And we also make them only at Christmas & New Year's ..a tradition Italians in Toronto do 🙂
    The Polish & Ukrainian make them also and sell in their bakeries all year round here 🙂

  2. It's great to see you in the kitchen with Nonna! The recipe looked fabulous! You are lucky to have her! When I visited Italy in 2012 I found the food to be wonderful, fresh and healthy! I'd love to go back! Thank you for sharing this Vincenzo!

  3. Vincenzo, I've never seen a dough like this before! It looks moist and wonderful! When fried, it reminds me of fried dough you see at carnivals here, but oh-so much better!!!! You did a great job videoing Nonna! The close ups and all the camera angles were stunning! You always go that extra mile in putting in the complete recipe in the notes! I appreciate it so much! Bravo!!!

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