No Pork Recipe: Prawn Noodles – Soup & Dry 虾面汤,虾面干


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  1. Been looking for halal-friendly prawn noodles recipe, so so glad i chanced upon your video!!! Will def try this out for Hari Raya guests coming over 😉 thank you so much!

  2. Well done Roland….I use pork belly (5cm x2) in lieu of chicken feet. I cook my prawns in the stock max 45 secs. Then after draining the stock I put it in the mixer….mix it at low rev for 1 minute….The stock becomes nice and shiny or "velouté" otherwise the stock looks dead. Realy nice recipe. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks for uploading. The Penang version of this noodles include sun-dried or air-dried onion slices which are then fried. Add them just before you eat the noodles. Best regards.

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