No Oven French Bread Loaf in Cooker Video Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. What!! I always thought that with a kitchen Aid you did not have to use your hands. YOu can knead your dough with a mixer in minutes what will take 10 to half an hour by hand? So Am I wrong/ Tell me please I am planning to buy a mixer like kitchen aid or a Bosch just to knead bread especially doughs that need to be keaded for a long long time.

  2. Hi there. I made the simple bread loaf using plain flour following your recipe. Baked it in cooker. It tasted good but had no brown color on the top. It just got slight brown from the bottom. I baked it for over 40 mins.
    What went wrong? N should I bake it on low flame or high or medium?

  3. Tks for the recipes but it seems you never give us a print of the recipes , it is much easier to have a print when your doing the recipe so please if possible for us to try your recipes with a print in hand tks

  4. I do not own a preasure cooker. I always thought heating a dry pan or pot of anykind for a long time was not good for the pan and could damage it. Is a gas flame differant for a pot then electric. Anyhow I have a Rival Turkey Roaster which the pamphlet says it can bake ect. I think I will dry baking in it. Around Holidays the oven can get busy. Your video just reminded me of my cooker and how I could utilize it to make a loaf. Thanks. Your loaf looks fantastic. Nicely browned all around.

  5. Hi was just a little curious coz I have tried making the french loaf in an otg and had to knead the flour and keep almost for 12hours and after making the shape of the loaf I had to leave it for another 2 hours so it rises and then I finally baked it.. now this seems to be a new procedure in a pressure cooker.. I wanted to know if I could bake it in a bati cooker as well? coz the distance in a bati cooker and the grill on the top is almost the same… pls let me know for how long do.i need to keep this dough as well? thanks

  6. hello bhavna…i am a great fond of your videos, recepies and your accent!!! …yes love your accent.

    one request to you , kindly tell me how to flavour it onion and garlic..eagerly waiting!!!!

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