No Knead Crusty Rolls – Easier Than You Think!


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  1. I tried this recipe the second time using the hot water method …didn't work out …but my first time i did it using cold water overnight actually almost 14 hours later …came out nicely …i think I'll stick to cold water from now on …worked out better

  2. Just attempted these! I have been trying and failing to make bread. Part of the reason is that I'm really impatient and partly working with old yeast. I even messed these up a little, the dough was too dry because I didn't aerate the flour. BUT while the shape of these are wonky… They taste delicious and the texture is perfect. First time bread has worked for me! Definitely going to make these again and not skip steps.

  3. These were SO easy to make – good to see the tips added below. Mine may have been over stirred as the texture wasn't what I expected, but will try again… now on to some of your other great recipes!

  4. I make these and the dutch oven one all the time thanks to you! I am making a big pot of French Onion soup right now for tomorrow and making this in loaves for cutting and putting in the soup. Thank you so much. I am sorry I never took the time to thank you before.

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