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  1. It is because beef naturally contains lots of water and it comes out when you heat it up. But you need to watch it. And I didn't cook it for 1 hour, I wrote "leave it in the fridge to marinate for 1 hour"

  2. You are welcome 🙂 Glad you are learning a lot.
    We use hen (which is very tough) in cooking Nigerian food and if you don't cook it first, it will not get done during frying or grilling. For this beef recipe, if you do not cook the meat first, it will dry out too much during frying as you wait for the inside to get done. But when you cook them first, the grilling/frying is just to get the outside crunchy and golden brown. They taste better too cos they are well-seasoned during the cooking.

  3. Totally learnt a lot from watching your channel: Thanks for sharing 🙂 ….. However, i have a question: what difference does cooking chicken or meat before frying it or grilling it in the oven make?

  4. @12asama I've had this kebabs you made once before and I loved it! The only thing I don't like about it is that the vegetables are charred/burnt 🙁 Apart from that, it tasted great because the marinade is rich! We have something similar Nigerian Suya and I have a video of that, have you seen it? The only difference is that we do not roast it with the vegetables, we serve it with raw vegetables, yum!

  5. @12asama You are right dear. I'm an advocate of grilling. In addition to being healthier, no messy oils and a deep fryer to clean later lol. For this recipe though, I can't run away from it cos the beef is normally fried. You've definitely got more in your marinade and the more the merrier 🙂

  6. @MissB2011100 mmh, I honestly don't know what the Suya Spice will be like when you cook it, then deep-fry it. I only know about suya spice being roasted. Maybe you can try it and see things for yourself. Have you seen my video on how to make Nigerian Suya?

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