Nigerian Beef & Chicken Stew | All Nigerian Recipes


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  1. This is my third time making this stew, I perfect the recipe each time but, I am so proud of the end product. Thank you so much for your channel. My dad has been harping that I need to learn to cook Nigerian food, if it wasn't for your channel I would be confused and clueless. Are you Igbo? Is this the Igbo way of preparing the stew?

  2. Thank you for all your great videos I have learnt alot from you, my Nigerian husband is always satisfied, he does like alot of spice though so I have to put about 5 scotch bonnet chillies (he calls them peppers 🙂 ) I can also just about eat it that spicy too.

    Keep up the great work

  3. I never pour out the excess oil. Now i know why mine is always too oily. Can I store the excess oil for another use?Thank u. U always remind me of my Mom(RIP). Well done. Ur cooking vids r the best.

  4. !!! THANK YOU !!! Your videos are so easy to follow and I will be trying this very soon. Yes, me too, I'm exploring international dishes too, ….I'm from Guyana and we do have some West African influences in our dishes but I'm ready to try Nigerian dishes now…

  5. What kind of beef do you get or goat meat. My dad would make this stew all the time. I never knew what kind of meat he used I'm trying to make this at home 😁

  6. Thank yo so much because I have learned so much watching your videos. I love cooking/eating international dishes so I've study a lot of cooking recipes and I can honestly say that yours are very tasty.

  7. Thanks for the video, my ex would make stew all the time for me, he's from Ghana and I've been trying to recreate some of his meals by just guessing on how to cook them… Now I think got it… The only thing is I need to buy the Yam flour. Thanks again.

  8. I read in the previous comments that you don't add red bell pepper. Why?
    Also which pepper did you add to the tomato base, and how much?
    How did you blend the pepper to get the paste without adding water?

  9. Good job oh, this is the right way to make it, and you showed it very well!

    Now, I go make am, chop am, till my belle full, at which point I go rub palm oil on am…

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