New Year Ozoni Soup (Japanese Rice Cake Soup Recipe) お正月のお雑煮 作り方レシピ


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  1. Does anybody have any idea which video features the leftover kombu and bonito flakes?? It will be really useful to know what to do with it as it seems really wasteful to throw them away…

  2. 提案します。(お願いします)

  3. wow, the soup looks colorful and divine, thank you for showing step by step how to make it ^^ and your dog is sooooo cute !!!
    btw, I have also a Youtube channel with full of recipes, kitchen tips, sometimes some cheeky videos, so please CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL if you'd like, that'd mean everything to me ^^

  4. There's always something surprising in each of these videos. In this one, I'm amazed at chef's skill with the knife! Oh yeah, and I'm always impressed with Frances' good behavior. What a sweet dog!

  5. Beautiful presentation! Absolutely. Except, where is the recipe for what to do with frozen kombu & bonito flakes? I was excited for that part! Thank you!! Wonderful to see you making so many delicious videos!!

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