New & Improved Chicken Parmesan – Chicken Parm Recipe


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  1. I don't bake my chicken parm with the sauce either. Why make a fried breading if you're just going to soak it in sauce.

    I like to traumatize the meat a little bit when pounding it out so it becomes fork tender.

  2. Huh, just realized that I've probably never tried proper mozzarella. That stuff from the supermarket IS horrendous. I actually have some in my fridge now…maybe I'll use it as a stress ball.

  3. we made this tonight for an army of people and it turned out amazing! the chicken was moist and well seasoned and the outside was crispy and delicious. we also made your basic marinara and the whole thing was a hit. thanks chef john!!

  4. italian ham is called prosciutto…n..the other famous n prevalent ham is from spain n is called serrano..but…they taste almost similar..hahaha..but super xpensive tho…here in new york the avg price for prosciutto or serrano is about 20 dollars a pound

  5. its not called chicken parmesan…its parmigiana…or straightup chicken parm for short…parm does not translate to parmesan…parmigiana is the term for an italian dish w fresh mozzarella on top n baked in the oven. personally am a fan of veal parmigiana n eggplant parmigiana.. parmigiana usually means fresh mozz on top of a dish n baked in oven after. always use fresh mozzarella..which is white…n not the light yellow ones in packaging which u find in supermarkets. when ordering pizza..unless u specify..they hit u w the light yelow mozzarella…the white mozz pizza is always more xpensive but to die for

  6. i grew up in an italian neighborhood n italian grandmothers r turnin over in their graves…chicken parm needs fresh buffalo mozzarella. just a little bit of sauce on top of chicken does wonders..then the fresh mozz on top of that..then into the oven. hahaha…i agree w another viewer…what he made was schnitzel( albeit chicken)…with his 2 choices of cheese n some tomato sauce under the schnitzel..buttt…i'm sure its delicious also.

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