Natto with Beef recipe 納豆牛おろし煮


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  1. When I first tried natto, it reminded me of chung gook jang (it's Korean version of natto in soup form, so to say).  Well, I was taken back by the texture of natto, but now I like the texture too!  LOL  Now, I LOVE natto so much I eat it everyday, and I make my own natto at home too.  I got the frozen natto from Korean market like H Mart (defrost it in refrigerator over night) and use the natto cultures from it.  It's so easy to make if you have pressure cooker and yogurt maker.  😀

  2. I really like natto, the taste & the texture are very good in my opinion! I'm so happy I got to try it, but it is so hard to find in my state. I might have to start preparing my own! I enjoy trying foods that most other Americans find weird. I have tried durian & enjoyed it as well! Have you had durian, runny?

  3. I love Natto it's the best I can eat it every night of the week, but I never use the mustard or sauce it comes with it. I just add a little Dijon mustard and some soy sauce and I'm good to go with some rice and green onions.

  4. I have never seen or experienced natto in person, but I'm kind of curious about what it actually smells and tastes like. I imagine the consistency is a little strange, but I'm more intrigued than grossed out.

  5. Omg fckkkk that natto… I never mix it before adding the seasonings… I'm going to do that now. Also, thanks Runny for teaching me a new word, "nattokinase"!

    sniff sniff natto <3 smells so good… ii nioi 🙂

  6. Natto and okra are the only slimy foods i can eat. I actually had no interest in trying natto, I just lost a bet and it actually wasn't bad at all! The slimy was hard to get use to at first but I love it now lol Plus it's healthy

  7. Natto is one of those foods that at first glance are just plain scary. However, lots of people think eating raw egg is scary too. Which also is a ingredient in many japanese dishes. I tried that and got used to it after only a few times. So I am willing to give natto a try 🙂

  8. I actually really wanna try natto :v The only place that sells japanese-style grocery in PR is too far away, and I'm not even sure if they have it, so ><

  9. I tried natto for the first time awhile ago…. I really wanted to like it, but sadly I just couldn't. ^^; I think I'll try it again someday though, maybe it's an acquired taste!

  10. I can't really find any in my country (US).  I'll have to double check the Asian grocer that I use to find my other Japanese ingredients (kombu, bonito, nori, Japanese mayo, etc).

    I'd like to try it, just to see what the fuss is about.

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