Naadan Beef Fry (Kerala Style Beef Fry) – Authentic Kerala Recipe


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  1. written English version
    Pressure cook the following

    ½ kg beef
    2 tablespoons ginger garlic
    4 tablespoons red onions in paste form
    Coconut chopped ( you can use dry coconut if you do not have access to the fresh stuff)
    1 ½ coriander powder
    1 tsp red chili powder ( or as desired)
    ½ tsp turmeric
    1 tsp garam malasa ( or as desired)
    Salt as required ( typically 1 tsp / lb)

    Next to fry the above cooked beef

    2 -3 medium size onion
    Curry leaves 2 stalks with leaves
    Green chillies 2 -5
    Red chillies 2-5
    Use coconut oil

    Step1 : pressure cook the items for pressure cooking
    Step2: heat coconut oil in pan and the cook the green chillis
    Step 3: add the onion, red chillies ,curry leave
    Step 4: when onion start becoming transparent add the cooked beef
    Step 5: dry the above on medium heat

  2. I've been on the hunt for that perfect Kerala Beef Dry Fry for years. After many years of trying and testing different methods involving tomatoes, coriander leaves etc, I had almost given upon finding that perfect recipe for the Beef fry lingering in my memory following occasional visits to Kerala. 

    On stumbling across your video, I had the intuition that this would be close to that Beef Fry which always fragrantly sizzled my Heimweh.

    .And Indeed it was!
    Thank You so much for the recipe! 

    By the way, I added some deep fried shallots and curry leaves and also 2-3 pinches of the garam masala and the pepper powder to the dish towards the very end (just before turning the flame off) – it just elevated the magic!

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