My Naughty & Healthy Meal Recipes


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  1. To make your boyfriend's dish more healthy, I though about putting turkey instead of the bacon. But thank you for the inspiration ! I'm trying to begun eating healthier and I came across your channel :)

  2. Growing up on turkey dinosaurs, beans, toast, coco pops and fast food all this food seems so strange to me. I've never tried an avocado. I wanna start eating more like this

  3. please make more recipe videos with your boyfriend hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. A quick comment from Italy: put the pasta when the water is actually boiling and no need to put oil cause it alters the taste and it's going to float on the water anyway :D

  5. Just for the information. Avocado conteins fat so it isn't appropriate for a diet. As for the sauce you cant use balsamic, mustard and chicken broth if you want to make a healthy meal. I'm telling you because i also try to eat healthy and i dont eat any of these stuff or else my diet will be a failure. prefer to eat steak or meat than adding mustard and balsamic to a sipmle salad. it's not that hard to eat a salad only with olive oil for god sake's

  6. Please post your chicken broth recipe! Would love to learn how you make it from scratch!
    Also, good luck with the Youtube trolls that seem to hang around here…

    This is her interpretation guys, its not that serious.

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