My Keto Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Snacks. WITH PICTURES.


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  1. this is really not healthy.
    bacon is a level 1 carcinogen, beef is proven to increase heart disease risk (along with every other meat), coconut oil has been proven to increase your cholesterol, and a number of other things that are wrong with this….

  2. I'm having problems staying on Keto because I have no gallbladder. I seem to feel nausea when I eat fat. I love this diet because I don't get hungry. The doctor wants me to go on a low fat diet with only fruits, veg, lean protein and grains and I think that sucks! Any information you may have I would love! Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Leanne, so happy to have discovered you!! My question is this: I really don't like beef at all, do you think I could still eat chicken and turkey and add my own fat, say coconut oil or milk? Thank you so much! I am just starting and I am scared a lot! Hugs

  4. As an aging male should i be worried about the quantity of meat used on the keto diet.e., affect on my prostate [does meat cause prostate cancer?]…thanks

  5. I sooo want to make the Rocket Fuel Latte but Collagen is just not affordable for me. I've looked at Amazon and my local stores and there is no way that I can fit it in my budget. Boooo. So, it's just regular BPC for me.

  6. I just found your videos while researching keto and I'm in love! I have been doing it for 2 weeks and I've lost 10 pounds. I have been documenting my journey on Youtube and I'm so so thankful for this resource and all that you do for the keto community!!

  7. I've lost about 20 lbs doing keto but suddenly got this horrible itchy rash. it only goes away when I start eating crap. comes right back a week after restarting keto. This has happened x3. how can I stop this?

  8. 1st video I've ever watched, I just found your site! Loving it so far! Lots to learn! Love how you do Keto with NO DAIRY! Amen! I did the Whole 30 back in September of last year and have been on a roller coaster ever since! Not necessarily doing it for weight management but that always Ames you feel better but more so for health. I as always tend to go back to all the junk. Trying to find where I belong in this eating world due to health issues! On Instagram someone recently started doing intermediate fasting but unsure still what that is! She will have 2 Bulletproof Coffees in am and nothing til around 1 pm she says and then stops at 8pm last meal. Don't know really where to start but I'm glad I found you and your site yes! Thank you!

  9. Any suggestions on water consumption? I am on day 6 and just getting over keto flu. I am used to chugging large amounts of water, but since starting I have reduced water a lot. Any ideas how much is to much?

  10. Just got admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis! I was doing so good and feeling awesome. So far I know I have gall stones that may have caused it. Please help me understand if these are possible side effects of eating keto the past 3 months.

  11. Newbie here. Love your videos. Re the collagen. When I take collagen, I try to take it without any other protein, ideally no other food at all, at bedtime, to increase its bioavailability. Do you have an opinion on this? Thanks! Looking forward to learning more from you.

  12. Wanted you to know that just completed my 3rd month keto. Had my labs done a couple of days ago (I'm and RN and want to know all the details.) and they were so good. Triglyceriedes down to 25! HDL101, LDL 74. Just have to work on my iron, its still low-16. I feel fabulous. My skin looks so amazing, no hormone acne an I think my eyesight is improving! My husband is concerned about all the meat I am eating, but the labs don't lie. Making keto ice cream as I type. Keep it up. Jan

  13. I've been on Keto for exactly 4 weeks now but not feeling the best and weight loss is slow. Last night I subscribed to your weekly meal plan in hopes it will improve my situation. Do you have any information on keto and PMDD?? Thanks

  14. I'm new to keto, I'm on day five and I think I'm doing it wrong? My stomach always hurts after eating, it boats up quite a bit and aches for hours. TMI warning, I have occasional diarrhea as well. Am I doing something wrong? Can you recommend something to help with the stomach issues?

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