MY GO- TO RECIPES (Quick, healthy and easy!)


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  1. I love these recipes!! I always have problems with eating and never know what I want 😂😂😂

    This will sound stupid but where did you get those tiny wooden bowls, they are so cute!!!

  2. Hey Sarah:) I wanted to know if you could show us an eco-friendly dish & cutlery video or  your collection of them. And tips how  to find these chemical-free wooden dishware. BTW I love the way you edit your food videos! PeacexLove

  3. I just tried the steamed veggies and sauce! It was really tummy:) but I feel like I had my ratios a little off for the sauce. Do you have exact measures for the sauce? thank you!! I love you food videos:)

  4. I made the chickpea and onion salad using just straight Romaine lettuce, and it was excellent. Also added a tiny bit of rice vinegar and raw sugar in the oil for the lettuce. Would definitely have this again!

  5. Your photography skills and use of color are fantastic!
    I appreciate the recipes you've created and displayed for the YouTube community to see.
    Such a beautiful soul, spirit and zest for life. Keep the videos coming Sarah!

  6. Thank you !! Just did my first ever sweet patatoes in the oven and I'm in love 😀 Plus just wanna say I think you're awesome, adorable and inspirationnal ! Have a great day wonder girl :)

  7. I love your videos because you always inspire me to be healthy. I love that being healthy is just a part of your lifestyle. I am trying to be consistently healthy, but it is hard to keep up! How do you stay inspired for such a long time? Can you do a video on what inspires you to be healthy??

  8. What are the benefits of hemp seeds? I've never tried them. I've just found your channel and I fell in love with you after watching your relaxation video. I've subscribed and I can't wait to see more. Sending you love and I hope you have many blessings this day. 💛

  9. I just made the roasted sweet potatoes with organic ketchup and fresh dill. So tasty! I threw some thinly sliced onion in with the sweet potatoes and they were all crispy and yum. I will definitely make this again!

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