My Favorite Indomie Recipe | Nigerian Breakfast recipes


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  1. It would have been better if you fried the eggs with the onions, tomatos and peppers aside. in this way It would be more tasy and the noodles wouldn't end up being soggy.

  2. I believed that africans have so much yummy foods, i already eat okro soup, egusi and jollof rice. Now i miss that foods so much, and this is the simple cooking, i will try next time.

  3. As an indonesian i suggest you guys block indonesian ip so the comment wont be overflooded by us .
    With the cons that youd have less viewer bringing you less profit by youtube ad.

  4. All these over noodles, odiegwu really!!!. If you must know there are other companies producing noodles in Nigeria. Using indomie is even a free advert for the company. We all eat wheat flour, despite our different countries, just cook it as you please.

  5. what kind of preparation is this ,after cooking for 10mins ,income was still watery ,then to crown it all u now added egg to make it really irritating 😣😣😣😣😣

  6. Commenting how a Nigerian cook their indomie is like those judges on Masterchef's rants about how a rendang should be crispy. Let them cook it like they usually do. Also I'm curious how Nigerians think about the taste of an Indonesian made Indomie from an Indonesian Indomie factory.

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