My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Full Recipes)


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  1. I love how you give formulas rather than just the recipes by themselves because it makes it so easy to remember a formula and substitute things 🙂 Thanks for the videos!

  2. A colleague at work determined to stick to my suggestions and give this diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) a try. I can hardly believe my eyes when she shed 12 pounds so quickly I could almost watch the pounds melt away as she worked.

  3. This is just too much eating, that's why I only eat breakfast n dinner. 10am then at 5pm. N still slim. Of course I don't eat out, restaurant food makes me sick I only eat home cooked meals.

  4. Hey Joanna! I'm new to your videos! And I am trying to lose weight this year as one of my years resolutions. Starting last week Monday, i decided to cut out going out to eat. As a college student, it's one of the things I like to do, and it is sad, but I lost a lot of money from just going out. I work for Campus Dining and I get 2 free meals a week, and I also plan on not using those meals for the reason that if I use campus meals I will have the motive to go and get the greasy foods they serve. I also always bought a lot of chocolate milk (by the pint), after work, during meals, and I also cut that out. Currently I'm working on following serving sizes, and portions, and eating a lot of hard-boiled egg whites with a bit of salt for my protein in-take(only because I find hard-boiled yokes kinda nasty :P). And with all these lack of "going-out" meals and college meal plans I am forced to cook at home. I have had previous attempts of losing weight, and unfortunately I failed each time. But I want to stick by it this time. My problem is I actually very much LOVE food. Although I wish I could say these dishes look appetizing, I don't, the reason being that I don't like a lot of healthy foods. ESPECIALLY the greens. 🙁 So It's nothing against you, but it's just my food preferences. I look at all these diet plans and wonder how people eat it, for the sole reason that I know I wouldn't enjoy much of it. A lot of us are different, so you might enjoy it, but I might not, and I'm not sure what to do about my eating habits and how I could find some enjoyable foods to suit my tastes. Thanks Joanna. I plan on starting the work-outs tomorrow!

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