My BEST Roast Chicken Recipe!


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  1. Hey Donal! Do you think I could also do this with some chicken legs, since a full chicken won't fit in my oven? And how long do you think chicken leggs would have to go in the oven for? Thanks!

  2. I only had dried herbs on hand so I made do with it.. It was yummy. .. I'm sure it would have been awesome if I had used fresh herbs.. Thanks for the super easy recipe. .. I gotta thanks my sister for showing me your video!yeah!

  3. I am going to have to keep this one in mind if the weather cools off. It is already in the 70's (fahrenheit) here. But this one is going to go into the save files for when a roast chicken is called for! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  4. If you put a bowl of warm soapy water in the sink prior to starting filming. When you touch raw meet and need to wash. You will actually have clean hands afterwards. The 2 seconds rinse did nothing to get your hands safe to use on things that won't be cooked. Much less when you go to taste something with your hands. That is the one thing that drives me nuts with cooking show hosts. People die doing things so sloppily.

  5. I really like your recipes and indeed enjoy watching you cook very much. Your recipes are simple, friendly and delicious~! It's just amazing, I will definitely try this roast chicken recipe.ย 

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