My Afang Soup Recipe With Okazi And Spinach


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  1. my dear well done but pls when next u want to make afang soup ,pound ur ukazi or grind it. after cooking ur meat,stock fish,dry fish . do not add oil first ,add water leaf simmer for some mins and than add ur okazi cray fish. the oil will be the last thing to add mix it well and cover for 5 mins and off ur gas or put it down

  2. Thanks Oyibo Nwunye for all your directions, i put you on and cook with you.Thank you for your great cooking. Now I know my children can always turn on your program and cook Igbo meals they are used to. They can make other ethnic foods too. Great job!! Two thumbs up! You are a real Nwunye. Your husband and in laws should be proud as we are of you. Thanks so much
    Dr Chichi

  3. Oh nooooooooooooo!!! Soooo wrong. No offense but I think people should try to gather enough information on how to do stuff before sharing their experience,so as not to mislead others. Everything is wrong with this cooking. 1. You don't add afang till d end of ur cooking.2. Waterleaves enters d pot long before u add afang3. It is d afang u don't want to overcook n not d waterleaf4. Afang leaf doesn't even need to be cooked upto 1min before take down let alone 3mins n more.I'm sure everyone noticed how black d soup looked n u can differentiate between the afang n waterleaf or whatever she put last.Also the water sat separately in the plate,why? This is as a result of d extra water from the leaves she added last to d pot.
    N/B: I'm in no way doing this with any negative intentions,as I have no reason to and nothing to gain. I just want to put it straight so people don't get the wrong information (though this came in 3yrs late)But I'm sure someone else who knows better must've commented on this video

  4. You cooking it on the reverse. Spinach or water leaf always comes firsts (gets into the pot) before the okazi or afang. So that way; the okazi retains it's freshness. If the okazi is to dry, it can be soaked overnight in other to soften it or gain it's freshness. I would pass on the shrimps.

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