My 17th Vlog – Simple Lunch Recipe, Chichinda ki Sabji, Tori Ki Sabji | Indian Husband Vlog


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  1. Why don’t you buy this kind of pots and pan set for your house for your wife to cook your every day meals the pans she uses are old and their nonstick coating too is worn out. Pls change all your cooking pans and pots in your kitchen.

  2. Wow Raj my mouths drooling!!Could you please ask Kiran to respond and read my beautiful comment on Poojas makeup etcetc.Please keep the Dhaba going great work!!

  3. I remember my mother used to put tomato in turi veg…& I used to luv it…👌
    Never eaten the other veg…

    I like yr Amma with dark hair..She is so beautiful…
    U shd show us her pics when she was young…😍
    I like the way U respect ur mother & take care of her…🤗

    She is very sensitive & does not talk when she is upset…🤐aging is very difficult so she can become cranky having to depend on others…🙁
    U all r doing a great job being patient & understanding with her…👏

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