My 16 Favourite Healthy Vegan Recipes


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  1. I have recently started a "change of life" journey when it comes to my diet. I have chronic pain and I'm over weight. Since having back problems, my weight has just gotten worse and worse. 5 days ago my mind, body and soul all synced up to being ready for a change. I'm not interested in weight loss as much as I'm interested in getting HEALTHY. Obviously weight loss is a part of it but I'm not going to let the numbers define me. I'm working on how I feel and living a long, healthy, happy and fulling life.
    Having said all that, I was looking up some vegan recipes or foods. This video is PERFECT!! THANK YOU so much for sharing so many great recipes. I am a meat eater and dont have immediate plans to stop but I am educating myself on using fruits and vegetables in a more satisfying way. Also, I want to know what everything is I put in my body. No more processed foods or short cut items. The granola recipe fits exactly what I'm trying to do. Even if I want ice cream, I will make it myself.

  2. I've been a vegetarian for over 8 years and I'm trying to go vegan so I can lose weight and also because I feel it would so much healthier but it's literally impossible for me cuz eggs and seafood are two of my favorite foods.

  3. Super cute the way she's constantly smiling/giggling as she's describing her favorite dishes. Very informative video. I'm converting to a plant based diet myself. Good stuff!

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