Mushroom Soup Recipe in Tamil | Kalan soup in tamil | Mixed Vegetable Soup Recipe in Tamil


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  1. I tried this today it was as simple as that n the taste was like restaurant one. Before trying I thought “sothapidum” but after I prepared it I was like “am no more gonna order this soup at hotels “ 😋😋😋. Thank you for this recipe. I have seen many mushroom soup recipes which made me think to think it would be better to have at restaurants than to try at home. It takes that much effort n ingredients but your method !!! Great 👍🏻

  2. Dear Steffi.. your recipes are awesome I am a fan of your recipes. just a suggestion before starting the cooking you can put a slide for Ingredients and measurements.. so tat we can pause n note it down.. only thing when i am cooking i need to rewind 2 or 3 mins and need to play again to check if i missed something.. you Rock God Bless 🙂

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