Mung Daal – Indian Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. Great recipe! Just had a general question regarding dals , why do the dals need to be washed till the water runs clear? I read somewhere that washing them too much can result in loss of nutrients however I find that every dal recipe calls for washing the uncooked dal till water runs clear, is it just to remove any dirt? I am confused and want to cook them without too much loss of nutrients, can u clarify please? Thanks! I just love your methods and presentation, totally professional! Wonderful work, ladies!

  2. i made it today except that i put half ghee and half oil and after all the seasoning i put the dal and took steams. It was awesome. I made the garlic version and I never enjoyed mung dal so much before . thanks for this awesome recipe.

  3. I tried to make the second version and I'm eating it right now! It's really good! Thank you for sharing. Big kisses for both!

  4. wow how interesting, Andhrites call this dish Pesara Kattu and in my family we use both garlic AND ginger. We also use both cumin AND mustard. We don't use tomatoes.

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