Mosaic Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food Recipe


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  1. Dear Davy, I watch most of your creations, I love all of them,  I really appreciated
    all of your time to share your passions with us, keep up your good job, nothing the best,it's only gets better,wish you all the best.

  2. I agree, well presented. Positive comment if I may, please learn to cut sushi like a sushi chef. It is very different to a hot kitchen chef and the knifes are different but is it most awarding in the end. I am sure you know that!

  3. He would have ends as a treat!! He just wouldn't serve them to someone else I'd guess. Regardless, it's about how to make these and the way he's made them look beautiful. Thanks for sharing, learnt something new:))

  4. I think its a great idea!!! I like the name too… Anyway the 2nd mosaic roll is great: I have actually tried making both the rolls and I prefer the 2nd one. Wish you luck for the new Millionaire roll

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