Moroccan Chicken Recipe with Michael’s Home Cooking


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  1. what is the name of this dish please ??? i make this once a week, my boy loves it. his father is moroccan. would love to know what its traditional name is. and also..any more moroccan dishes???

  2. @Soufiane Sabiri Moroccan Tagine inspired healthy Chicken Recipe?

    Hi Michael, commendations on an engaging production and a mouth watering recipe! It gave me a push to get a Tagine on the stove, myself. I was glad to see the addition of broth as it is not uncommon for the diet conscious to have homemade chicken essence and bone broth constantly on the go and trying to find its way into everything. My dish ended up being made from staples and seasonal produce I had in the fridge (too late to thaw meat): dates, purple sweet potato, squash, tomato, onion, garlic, coconut milk, almond meal, with similar spices to yours, but including a cinnamon quill (a pinch of nutmeg, some capsicum paste, and a couple of cardamom pods), as it helps make it more palatable (sweeter and more aromatic) for my 3 year old. That cus cus looks like a larger grain than I"m used to seeing when it's made from polenta; what is it exactly? Cheers

  3. Michael, big thank you, I got in from work & had some chicken in the fridge, but unsure which way to go. I tried this recipe and it worked out Great. If I could email you a beer of thanks I would. Cheers Buddy 🙂

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