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  1. mildly sad it omits confectioners sugar as to me that cements the french toastiness of the monte cristo. These were a favorite of mine years back. Bennigans when they were in their prime made a killer one..

  2. I remember so many people assuming stuff like that too when I used to watch Ace of Cakes. They actually had to make a side recording of them all lined up washing their hands like they were in some camp. Like seriously DUH ofcourse they wash their hands before handling their customers food, they do it off camera. You want to watch them wash their hands a million times a day??? Lol

  3. I grew up making freezer jam. I think the pink low sugar box of pectin is better. It tastes more like strawberries. One would never know it was low sugar. If anyone is wanting to make it please try the pink box. You will not be disappointed!

  4. Emmy, in my childhood, my Dad made us ham and grape jelly sandwiches. It sounds weird until your first bite and then the sweet, salty, savory mix makes perfect sense – and is delicious.

  5. EMMY make me some of your jam please! AH looks so goooood! Boing boing boing boing boing!
    It's not a fat sandwich Emmy, it's THICC!
    Holy shit people say you don't wash things? WTF?
    Exactly Emmy! It's all about making french toast into a sandwich! I love your reaction when taking a bite! OMG I want to try!

  6. speaking of unusual things. my two favourite unusual foods are mayonnaise sandwiches. you can toast it, i usually do. but i do the thing where you toast the bread together to have the bread soft in the middle and a bunch of mayo. not too thick but not very thin. you HAVE to put paprika. if i can’t find it then i’ll put lemon. it’s okay without it but eh. also another one. my teacher told me about frying pasta. regular white pasta (i make mine very al dente and here’s why) you gotta dry it after w a little oil (a LITTLE the pasta soaks up a lot) until it’s very crispy. it takes a while bc it’s wet ya know. then add as much apple sauce as you want 🤷‍♀️

  7. There seems to be no set recipe for a Monte Cristo – I've run across countless varieties, and each one is that little bit different. The idea of putting the jam/jelly inside the sandwich itself is an interesting one; I may give that a try. For the record, and for the sake of contrast, here's my version:

    Take your bread (I just use two slices, and leave the crusts on), and spread on mayo. On bottom slice, lay down two layers, alternating, of cheese (I like to combine cheddar and jarlsberg), chicken, and ham. If you happen to have some caramelized onions on hand, put some right in the center – it'll elevate the whole thing. Put on top slice, and press down firmly so it all holds together.

    Take a small plate with a bit of depth to the center. Crack a small egg into that, salt it to taste, and thoroughly scramble. Put a pan on the stovetop, and melt a pat of butter in it. While it's melting, dunk the top and the bottom of your sandwich in the egg, both times leaving it in there long enough for the bread to soak some of it up.

    Once the butter is bubbling a little, put the sandwich into the pan. Fry it in the butter until the cheese has melted, and both sides are either golden brown and look like french toast, or dark and crispy (it's a matter of preference; either is good). When ready, put on a plate with a bit of jelly off to the side (mine's usually blackberry), mashed up a bit with a fork so it's good for dunking. Slice and serve!

  8. i made this today because of you and my stepdad caught me while I was trying to maneuver the sand which with the two spatulas 😂 he was like “what the hell are you doing”

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