Mongolian Beef Recipe (Chinese Style Cooking Recipe)


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  1. I was thinking some fish sauce & or a dab of shrimp paste.
    +Raj Patel my thought is that it would not be wrong to use a bit of oyster sauce if you like it, but if there is a more traditional way to make a dish….
    It can be surprising to find what is and what is not in a dish sometimes.
    There are many ways to cook it always varies house to house in all of the world.

  2. I use hosin and hot bean sauce instead of chilli and soy sauce. Also I cut green onions longer and also ginger is cut in long strips. This gives dish more ginger flavor and also somewhat spicy. Thanks for opportunity to comment.

  3. This is the easiest and most helpful video for this dish I have come across. I made this about an hour ago using your recipe as a guide and it tasted beautiful and looked stunning, thank you very much!

  4. This is a very good way to prepare this dish, one of my favorites.  Excellent video quality, camera work, production and editing. Your cooking skills are beautiful and the timing is perfect. I learned something and now subscribed to you. Your channel will do very well. Thank you : )

  5. Beautifully artistic presentation Xiao! Very clear and well organised layout. Please answer two questions, (1) is the soya sauce light or dark ? (2) I normally use a Chinese cleaver for preparing Chinese food. But your knife appears to combine the best design features of the cleaver (broad blade) and the western Chef's knife. Could you please give us the make & model of your knife ? Many thanks in advance!

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