Mom’s Chinese Lamb Stew Recipe (Traditional Chinese Cooking)


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  1. I'm going to cook this tomorrow, already got it prepped.  I have a bone in leg of lamb, and I'm going to debone and use that meat.  Do you think that part of the lamb is going to be good for this recipe?  I'll go buy a shoulder if it's that big of a deal.  Can't wait until tomorrow night.

  2. My dad use to make this a very long time ago! Thank you for he recipe! I think he added regular chestnuts into it too. That was my favorite part of it. Your mum is cute!

  3. Thanks for pointing out the white ingredient next to star anise. White slices are the water chestnuts. I should have removed them because I had already mentioned the water chestnuts when they were previously shown whole.

    I have another video coming soon that uses this recipe with beef instead of lamb. Thanks for your questions. Also thanks for checking out my video.

  4. There are similarities in the Chinese Canadian and Chinese American experience. There is less written in Canada about personal life stories. I have some short stories published in anthologies about growing up Chinese Canadian.

  5. I believe the best current book is Peter Kwong's "Chinese America: The Untold Story of America's Oldest New Community". It puts Chinese immigration to the US in historical context of what was going on in China and the US. Peter Kwong does express his own opinions and I may not agree with them but I do appreciate his going from 1850's to the present. His book is helpful in understanding what "Asian American" means in the US. I'm not related to Peter Kwong in any way. Just like history.

  6. Are there books or articles about the Canadian Chinese experience? Are there any similarities to the American Chinese experience? Thanks again for letting us see your mom's recipes.

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