Momo Soup Recipe | Clear Soup for Momo | Clear Pork Stock or Broth | Kolkata Street Food


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  1. From the day I started watching this channel… I have fallen in love with food as a whole… and the whole concept of celebrating food, what we do in bengal… Momos or dumplings, as called in different parts of the world… has been an absolute pride for Calcutta… As my father keeps telling me about the bygone days when he used to have dumplings in China town, and for those ignorant sick people.. who are so worried about the type of meat being used here… fyi the innocent chicken came into bengali platter much later than mutton… and many zamidars and royals due to the influence of chinese and british used to have pork also… my maternal Uncle who is 78 now used to have pork on almost daily basis.. and is still cooked in his place.. which I love to have whenever I visit my mamabari, and I am a hindu(if at all it comes to that)!

  2. Watching videos on this channel from last couple of hours. Bengali foods are always best . Ei nea to kono kothai hobe na pasa pasi ,Presentation sotti e kub e osadharon ei channel er. Keep up this great work guys.

  3. Oh my goodness…god you wasted those perfectly succulent trotters!!! Why God why!!!!
    You can make the most amazing curry/chuttney in Limboo style with those trotters dear. If you wanna try just let me know and from next time no wasting food !!!.
    I love your shows and me and my nephew cook your stuff
    His favourite is Keema bora

  4. You both connected me back to my youth. I will walk down from Sahara Sadan to Jimmy's Kitchen and will recall the Road as Threater Road. Try to look for Buzz, Blue Poppy may be closed being Sunday and end my walk with Sardarji Chai. For sure I will pick some sausages from Chaman's . You guys made my Nostalgic Kolkata visit and the great catchup. My adhoc visit holds credit to you both. Wonder how connection happen for no reason. Your videos are loved by all- each one has a reason- Mum for music, youngsters for camera credits and sound recording, me for the nostalgia with which you touch my heart. Great Karma!

  5. I have the debate going on over whthr bengali's eat beef or so..
    But from my point of view. ..the aim of Bong Eats is to make bengali food accessible to everyone..not only bengali's (with due respect). The viewer's of this great channel is not only bengali.
    They mentioned that you can replace it with chicken.

  6. Bepar ta beef ba pork r na onk achen Jara familiar noi egulor Sathe.Jemon ami Bengali kintu Mach khai na tobe mangso khai, Karon amr barite Aquarium ache mon thk khete pari na tai macher recipe gulo dekhi na apnio Jodi goru ba na suor na Khan dekhben na mite galo,no offence.Jara khai khete din tader ete Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian anar ki ache?

  7. Good job…but amio pork kokhon kaeni. .chicken fav..but traditional korte hole to..ja ja lgbe. .segulo ditae hobe..I understand that..coz amaro cooking channel ache..r amra kauke vul ba unrealistic kichu dekhate parina. .tate sobae vul ta skbe. .jeta amra chena. .soo jeta jae ginisher chahida seta to complete kortae hobe

  8. One of the best channels to watch…! All the recipes are perfect and videos are crystal clear. Darun bola chara r kono upay nei boss! 😍 And I love the background score. Again perfect for such yummy bangali presentations 😘 Keep up the good work guys. 👌

  9. খেতে কোনও আপত্তি নেই কিন্তু শুয়োরের টুকরোগুলো দেখে গা টা কেমন যেন গিদ গিদ করে উঠল
    না ভাই আয়েশি খাবার খেতে হলে একটু সাহস জোগার করতে হবে
    আচ্ছা, সুপের থেকে হাড্ডিগুলো বাদ দিয়ে বাকিটা তো ব্লেন্ড করে দিলেই হয় না, সঙ্গে একটু ক্রিম

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