Mock Tuna Salad – Tasty Vegan Recipe


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  1. I don't mean to sound negative . Just wondering abut the taste….
    The only canned jack fruit I was able to find, was one in a syrup. The fruit was bright yellow in color and almost looked like sliced-off-bell pepper-chunks. It stunk while cooking.
    I made this yesterday and it tasted absolutely awful. It left me with unpleasant somewhat "fishy-bitter" aftertaste, not comparable to tuna at all.
    So, could it be that it was wrong jack fruit?
    Thank you.

  2. This looks delicious! But maybe you should try boiling the whole Nori sheets and sea salt with the jack fruit. Or at least marinating the jack fruit with whole Nori sheets and sea salt first. The longer it marinates, the fishier it taste!😋

  3. I love your channel. I just became vegan a couple of months ago and have used several of your recipes. My husband and I enjoyed everyone! Can you do a mock chicken salad recipe?

  4. I can only find canned jackfruit in syrup and not water. However, all the Asian grocery stores me sells fresh jackfruit. Should I use straight fresh jackfruit or still boil it first. I will experiment.

  5. This is the first "vegan tuna" I've seen. Almost everyone else makes chunky hummus and then says, "Look! It's delicious!" I think, "I'm sure it is. I love hummus. What does that have to do with tuna though?" Job well done.

  6. I've also had this mixed with chickpeas and thought of adding a bit of finely diced onions or pickles (or some capers) and adding a bit of mustard to the sauce. I was wondering if you've substituted the nori with kelp powder before.

  7. +CookingWithPlants If You cooked the jackfruit with lavabread & soaked it in lavabread water it would take on an even better taste of the sea & You can ever add lavabread to the sandwich to add even more of a sea taste. A touch of white vinegar just before seasoning or some fresh lemon juice would absolutely make this dish too & fresh dill is another good one with mock seafood as it is traditionally served with fish as is Dill. Just a few suggestions 🙂

  8. I love your enthusiasm, and can't wait to try some of your recipes. My husband and I went vegetarian 4 years ago, then vegan two years ago but fell into the trap of eating tonnes of pasta, rice and vegan substitute foods of which there is an abundance in the uk. This has resulted in us both putting on so much weight. I also watched forks over knives and really wanted to go plant based but couldn't quite get there. Your videos are going to change all that. I am getting my shopping list together and taking a before picture just so I can let you know how things are in six months time. Thank you for putting all the effort in to making your videos and for making the recipes so easy to follow. Debra

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