Mock Duck with Fermented Tofu – Vịt nấu chao chay (Vegetarian Recipe)


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  1. I'm familiar with the mock duck, & fermented tofu products. Can you make more videos on how to use the fermented tofu, and how to make mock duck(seitan) from scratch? Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  2. Thanks for a vegetarian recipe! (I'm not vegetarian but I like vegetarian cuisine) In Chinese, the fermented tofu is called: 豆腐乳
    There's two kinds that I know, the white one in this video, and a red one. I eat it with rice porridge (congee), just a dot of it with a spoon of congee. This dish looks like it would taste good! I like the flavor of fermented tofu but it's quite salty though

  3. Hi Helen. I tried this recipe and I was surprised how good it tastes. However, I don't think this is very healthy. I do not like to use ingredients from a can very often. I still appreciate you sharing it because it tastes very good. I would LOVE to see you do more vegetarian main dish Vietnamese dishes. Please consider showing us more! Thank you.

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