Miso Ramen Noodle Bowl | Healthy Vegan Recipes


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  1. I love this recipe, but as a chef I'd recommend cooking the noodles with the kombu, broccoli and kale. You'll actually gain more nutrients from these items par cooked, these items this raw prevent the body from breaking them down and you're losing those good vitamins. I'd also maybe use the mushroom pan to combine everything so you can scrape all those yummy bits off the bottom. every flavor morsel counts when you're eating vegan. Not trying to be critical, I adore your channel and love this recipe!!!! Just offering some chef tips 🙂

  2. Love this recipe Nicky! I actually grew up loving instant ramen but the packets they came with and the high sodium levels made me so sick. Great healthy alternative! Greetings from Texas.

  3. Hiya.thanks for your reply.yes,that would be great.always wanted to know if it helped your health going diary free and wheat free?also are you sensitive to sugar? why did you want to do diary,wheat and sugar free? your story would be great.love simone x x

  4. looks delicious but i have to ask is the miso the real deal what i meant is that is it fermented and can i see the rice noodles the name and where did you purchase it please.i will definetly try it.Good job

  5. Hiya.this is simone here!! hope you are doing well.i would be so grateful for the update on why you went diary and gluten wheat free? also do you reduced your sugar intake most days? thanks simone vella.

  6. I have a question on your black sesame seeds.  I recently purchases some for the first time and I'm really familiar with the white variety, but not the black, can you tell me if the black sesame seeds have a strong scent to them?  I'm thinking the ones I purchased may have been rancid or bad.

  7. Hey there. Just wanted to point out…I think many people might have a hard time digesting that many uncooked vegetables, especially cabbage/cruciferous vegetables generally which are really perhaps better consumed/digested when they are cooked. Of course this depends on one's constitution and the seasons, but from a Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic standpoint, cooking all these vegetables might be more nourishing and digestible for many. Keeping vegetables raw doesn't mean they are "healthier," but that's just my opinion. xo.

  8. Okay, you are wicked! How did you know I was craving ramen… I've been looking for recipes all day!!! Thank you Nickole! I hope I spelled your name right.
    💕Wendy xx

  9. Worstershire sauce isn't normally vegan. Most of the time, it will contain sardines. I have found vegan worstershire sauce online though. Just a head's up for those concerned about that. Honestly, I'm not that picky right now while transitioning to being a vegan, but some are. Can't wait to try this tomorrow for lunch. Yummy!!!!!

  10. Hi Nikki, this looks great! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to try it. Quick question: what is your career? Is it health-related? I want to go into the fitness and nutrition field but I'm not sure what yet. Have a great day.

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