Mini Chicken Pot Pies – Quick and Easy


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  1. It's a shame to use water to cook the chicken. Why not use chicken stock for more flavour? Don't use water when there is some FlAVOUR available cheaply and easily these days with bought broth.

  2. I have a problem with portion control (because I'm a damn good cook!😋) This is a great idea to keep me from spooning out too much onto my already smaller plate, but my family members can get a double portion, if needed. Thanks for the idea!

  3. If you are prepared ahead of time we don't have to wait while you walk around getting things. Also think of ways you can cut the time, i.e., cut all the bottoms first and then put them in the muffin tin. Appreciate your effort.

  4. I am sure they tasted lovely but oh dear presentation needs to be really looked at . It would have been faster to just pour the chichen
    the bowle and pop a bit of pastry on top that's what it looked like. Sorry

  5. Good recipe for beginners. I m always disappointed when the ad for the video doesnt show the actual end product. I always appreciate the helpful tips for future videos and recipes. I d blend all the ingredients then add to the cups instead of layering. I was searching for the old England style pie with entire pastries the sides nicely browned which I havent mastered.

  6. You could always add cheese to your white sauce if you wanted even more flavour if you had a problem with the bases getting too soggy then you could always blind bake them first but if your sauce was not too runny it should be fine

  7. I would use fresh veggies and combine the chicken, veggies and sauce together before putting them it inside the crust, but I have never made this so it's only a suggestion. I have eaten them but never homemade. Looks yummy !!

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