Minestrone Soup Recipe


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  1. HI Lidia, I watch your videos and liked it so much ,but I saw you making soup with white beans on top of it toasted bread and cheese then in the oven.
    I would like to make it but I can't find it again can you help me? please.

  2. Thanks Lidia for visiting My Home Town Baltimore Md in all of my 55 years I only been to Little Italy twice I really don't know much about Italian food but after following you on YouTube I am learning a great deal of your culture, Thanks for your Wisdom now I am not afraid to sit down and order Italian food. Please Lidia come and visit Baltimore again.

  3. Looks excellent. One of my first restaurant jobs was @ Giovanni's Ristorante in Detroit. I was introduced to Italian food, Culture, and wine at that place.

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